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Your Gifts Will Make Room For You

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This past week was the 2nd anniversary of my most special project to date—the Amazing Grace Breezeway Project. Essentially, I was the recipient of a competitive grant to complete a community beautification project with neighbors in Baltimore City. I won’t go too deeply into the details, but if you are unfamiliar with the project, you can find out more here.

As I viewed my social media archive, I was reminded of my state of mind while working on the project. My favorite mantra at the time was, “Your gifts will make room for you.” I remember repeating this over and over when my imposter syndrome would kick in telling me that I didn’t deserve to be carrying out such a large project. This mantra forced me to be present in the moment and focus on gratitude, rather than misuse my imagination. I mean, think about it—how do you explain yourself when your gift actually does make room for you, but you’re so focused on the noise in your mind that you miss your own party. Essentially, what I’m saying is—your gifts will, indeed, make room for you; however, it is up to you to SHOW UP.   

Now, onto real life application. I’ve been living in Baltimore since 2015, and every year, I’ve told myself and (a few) others that I wanted to have an art show. To make a long story less long, it has yet to happen…until now. I’m excited to announce that my first art exhibition will be held on Friday October 15. Next to the Breezeway Project, this is my largest undertaking yet. I’m so excited and grateful to step into my light and share new work with you all. The in-person exhibition will be a one night only event, but great news! In addition to the in-person event, I will have a virtual reality gallery (online) showing through the end of October. This means that whether you’re local to Baltimore, in my home state of Georgia, or across the Atlantic Ocean (hey, international family!), you can partake in the show.

Additional details will be available this week, so stay tuned. For now, I say SAVE THE DATE! October 15th from 6-9 PM.

Remember: Your gifts will make room for you, but it is up to YOU to show up.

Until next time,

The Resolute Rose

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