Yewande Kotun Davis is a Nigerian American artist and designer based in Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up heavily involved in the arts, but ultimately pursued a career in healthcare. Yewande resumed painting in 2015 after a series of traumatic personal events, and continued to develop her craft as a self-taught artist. In 2020, Yewande pivoted from corporate to practice art full-time—a proverbial homecoming. Her current work is the external manifestation of her internal dialogues as she examines the people, places and spaces that we call home. Through various media, she utilizes her art for self-care and community care with the goal to encourage healing and reclaim joy as our divine birthright. 


My greatest moments of clarity are typically in silence, in my body, with my breath. Whether I'm out for a walk in the park or doing yoga, my peace is a source of my joy.

my peace


Too bad my parents never told me that I wasn't superhuman. Until further notice, I'll be doing things that scare the heck out of me!



From making up songs as a kid to my classical training as a violist to my love for anything with a beat, music keeps me whole.



I consider my marriage my deepest friendship. My husband keeps me grounded, yet challenges me to expand every day.



I grew up drinking hot tea with my mom. Now, tea represents centering, community, and a universal remedy.

a cup of tea


I get dressed up to go to the library...because what's a storyteller without the company of her stories?

a good read


My Must Haves

I love the alchemy of transforming basic items into more beautiful ones to be enjoyed. In my spare time, you can catch me tinkering with my sewing machine or experimenting in the kitchen.

in my spare time