Amazing Grace Breezeway Project

March-September 2019

As the recipient of the 2018 Gutierrez Memorial Award, I sought to amplify the vision and voices of members of the McElderry Park community in Baltimore City to create a communal safe space. With funding from the Gutierrez Fund, we successfully redesigned a space often used my community members for healing, fun, and fellowship. We were able to create two murals-- one painted and one mixed media with mosaic-- on either wall of the breezeway of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, install new lighting and greenery, and enjoy a culminating celebration of the space with food, music, spoken word, and fun. Murals, one painted and one mosaic. The above video shot by Gerad Forte and the Baltimore ViewFinders chronicles the events that took place between March 2019 and September 2019. Below, you can check out the photo gallery of the project.