#IamResolutionary campaign

Fall 2020

I launched the #IamResolutionary campaign as my introduction to the world as a (full-time) working artist. For years, I have been a child of the arts, but never truly embraced the power and healing that art and storytelling can bring to others. #IamResolutioary became a daily affirmation to encourage myself to remain steadfast, authentic, and purpose-driven in all that I do.

Phase I of the campaign was a short video where I shared a bit of my story and introduced a capsule collection of 4 pieces to help proliferate my message. Phase II was a limited-edition “drop” of the merchandise. Aside from telling my own story, it is my goal to amplify the stories of others who reflect my identity and/or beliefs. For the third and final phase, I sought to bring the message to life with a short interview series. Below, you can find my interviews with three creatives who I personally admire and consider to be resolutionaries. 

Interview: Rukiyyah Khan

Interview: Ced Smith

Interview: Jessy DeSantis

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