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New Year, New Moon, New Blessings

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Blessed Lunar New Year and Happy Black History Month, friends!

January was a long year, but we’ve made it. 2022 is off to an interesting start. We’re STILL pandemic-ing, we’ve already experienced several heartbreaking losses, and Rihanna just broke the internet with a pregnancy announcement. Still, much like the start of 2020, there seems to be a renewed energy and many people are hoping for this to be ‘their year.’ While I am not one for resolutions, I do take the time to set intentions for the year—usually with a word (or in my case, a few words).


My words help me set the tone for the year and help me map out my vision for existing and desired projects. While all three words are important, I want to focus on expansion.

Over the years, I’ve adopted several mantras: “Don’t shrink,” “Step into your light,” and my latest is a whole affirmation—“I am expansive—and it is my birthright to take up as much space as I please.” Of course, the last is my favorite, and it inspired my choosing of expansion for the year, and probably for the decade.

So, what does expansion look like for me in 2022? Taking up space—unapologetically. I’ve spent years shrinking and attempting to fit into spaces that were never made for me and counting myself out before anyone else ever could. NO MORE. This year, I’m shooting all shots while calling in larger projects, meaningful brand partnerships, impactful offerings, and more opportunities to share my work. I won’t exactly say it’s my “year of yes,” because I am clear on what I will and will not do, but I am know what I want, and I am excited to grow into my entrepreneurial shoes.

Here’s a glimpse at the expansion coming this year:


Murals. Since my first public mural in 2019, I’ve been itching to get back to larger spaces. I painted my daughter’s mural around this time last year (albeit, while 8.5 months pregnant), and am grateful to finally have the capacity to expand my mural portfolio. That said, I am officially accepting commissions for residential and corporate murals. If you have or know of a space that you want to beautify and/or make a statement, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT ( <– click here)!

Limited releases & Collectibles. I have a thing for limited-edition. Expect merch, puzzles, coloring books. All of your favorites are making a bigger, better comeback. The first drop is in T minus 1 weekish, so get ready!

Original works. My brain has been swirling with ideas that I can’t wait to get out. I have new techniques and subject matter that I’m excited to bring to life, so stay tuned.


New Opportunities. I’ve had the honor of receiving two scholarships for professional development opportunities already this year. While I’ll share more on those later, I also have an upcoming residency in July that I am looking forward to.

New Audiences. While I am currently not planning on another solo exhibition until 2023, I am focused on being a part of group shows for the coming year. I look forward to expanding my network of fellow artist, gallerists, collectors, and community.

New Team. Last year taught me that I cannot do and be all things to my business. Over the coming year, the Resolute Rose team will be expanding! Stay tuned for additional details on how you or someone you know could join the team!


Walk the Talk. When I was in business school, there was a lot of conversation about what it looked like to “walk the talk.” I’ve made countless declarations, such as my ‘expansive’ affirmation, but now it’s time to get out of my head and actually live out my ideas. I like to say that life is short, but also LIFE IS GENEROUS. In my little time here, I want to be able to say that I gave and did all the things! These are scary times, but I’d rather do it all afraid than not do it all.

I have a nervous excitement about the coming year, and I’m excited to bring you all along for the ride. I’ll keep track via my blog, so be sure to check in with me every month. Do you have a word for the year? Comment below to share!

Until next time,


The Resolute Rose

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