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To Make Living Itself an Art, That is the Goal

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Dear Yewande, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2021

Today makes a whole year since I said goodbye to my full-time corporate job—WOW. All I can really say is THANK YOU. Thanks to God for the divine provision that he promised and fulfilled. Thanks to my amazing husband for encouraging me and being an outstanding partner. Thanks to my family and friends who never made me second guess my decision to leave my comfortable life behind. Finally, I thank YOU for being here. Whether you’re new here, or have been here since day one, I am so grateful for your presence and ongoing support.

I took some time to revisit my top blog post from last year, Finding My Way in the Valley, yesterday and I’m happy to report that I am honestly, still in the valley. If you have not read it, it is a MUST READ (check it out here)—I promise you won’t regret it. I’ve learned and grown and met some great people along the way, but I am still focused on finding delight in my current space rather than pining over where society says I “should” be by now.

That said, I’ve found myself being hard on myself over the past few weeks, as today’s anniversary approached. Not because I have regrets about leaving, but because I’m human. You mean I’m NOT a famous artist yet? Museums and curators are busting down my doors? I haven’t even sold all of my old originals? These are reflective of my old thought patterns attempting to re-emerge. It wasn’t until I re-read my blog post and saw item #8: GIVE. MYSELF. GRACE. That I remembered that the rub with this whole ‘take the leap’ thing is that my only job is to trust, follow instructions and do the work.

Instead of focusing on control, I’m focused on stewardship. I want to be a great steward of the time and space I have right now because they are gifts that I can’t get back. Even if it’s uncertain or inconvenient at times, my primary goal is to be here, be now, and be well. I’m learning to lean into the discomfort and explore when I’m faced with my own darkness. I recognize that much of my self-worth was previously wrapped up in my accomplishments and people’s opinions of me, and have had to rewire my thoughts to affirm that I am worthy not because of degrees, promotions, titles, or recognition. I am worthy because I AM…and so are YOU.

I encourage you, today, to celebrate with me by celebrating yourself. You’re here. You’ve made it. You are THAT girl/guy. In your body, whatever it may look like after the past year plus that we’ve been in this pandemic. In your mind, that I’m sure has questioned life as we know it at some point in the past year…month…or hour. Wherever you are, please remember to take care of you. You’re worthy of your yes. You’re worth being your top choice. You’re worthy of grace. You’re worthy in the valley. You’re worthy at your peak. Your people and helpers will find you. Your only job is to find a glimmer of light to relish in as the days and nights pass. Know that nothing that has passed is better than what is coming to you. You’ve got this and “God’s got you.”

All my love,


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